Kurnai College is proud to offer students many opportunities to discover their creative talents and develop their passions through the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Program.

What is VET ?

VET in school can be an important part of VCE and an essential part of VCAL. What are some reasons for doing a VET Program?

  • VET is “hands-on” learning.
  • Learning by experience. There is still some theory to do, but most of the learning will be through working in your area of interest.
  • Participating in a VET program often gives you an advantage when applying for employment as you’ve had experience in your area of interest. Some courses can give you credit towards your apprenticeship or traineeship.
  • You leave school with 2 certificates – your VCE or VCAL certificate and a VET certificate.

Most of the VET programs are conducted with other training organisations, such as Federation Training, Apprenticeship Group Australia (AGA) etc. You attend these training organisations instead of school one day a week; many courses have structured work placement which will give you direct industry experience.


The following contribute directly to your ATAR by having a final exam with a study score - just like any other year 12 VCE subject:

  • Dance
  • Integrated technology
  • Engineering
  • Music & Music – Tech Production
  • Hospitality Back of House (2 Year)
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Information Technology
  • Health

The following contribute to your ATAR by giving you a 10% bonus and a 3 / 4 sequence

  •  Animal Studies
  •  Horticulture, / Conservation & Land Management
  •  Agriculture
  •  Electro-technology
  •  Automotive
  •  Photography
  •  Building and construction

The following courses can count towards your VCE or VCAL as Unit credits

  •  Beauty
  •  Plumbing
  •  Civil Construction
  •  Equine
  •  Community Services
  •  Hospitality (1 Year)
  •  Hairdressing


VET has some associated costs depending on your chosen course i.e. DSLR Camera, uniform or protective clothing, work boots, materials etc.

Additional Information

To find out more about a course you can;

  •  Read the VET section in the handbook.
  •  Talk to friends who are doing VET programs this year

Remember you can only do one VET program each year and most programs run over two years

  •  You will need to complete an application form
  •  Your parents or guardians are required to sign a VET permission form
  •  You must have a Unique Student Identifier Number (USI) when you choose a VET course see for details
  •  Students are required to attend an orientation day. This gives you a practice run at organising your transport to and from the training organisations and gives you an idea of what the course is like.