Hands On Learning

The Hands on Learning program (HoL) helps students to re-engage in school, providing cross age, relationship based support whilst embarking on a range of creative building projects.

HoL is an in-school program, students remain connected with the broader school community and continue with their academic-based curriculum the remaining four days of the week.

As part of this program students learn to use a variety of different tools and are instructed on the importance of power equipment safety. Basic carpentry and landscaping skills are taught to students, ranging from wall framing, plumbing, rendering, concreting, painting and gardening.
These practical tasks provide students with the opportunity to learn new skills and to further develop self-confidence, whilst at the same time gaining experience in a number of different trades.

HoL key intentions:

  • Enables vulnerable students at high risk of educational disengagement to continue their education, reduce early school leaving and build employability.
  • Builds student's school attendance and creates the platform essential to meaningful learning.
  • Increase retention rates.
  • Supports students to increase their literacy and numeracy skills through application to real life.
  • Provides pathways for transition into senior years that includes vocational education.
  • Modifies student behaviours to enhance their positive participation in the school and wider community.
  • Gives students hope about their future.
  • Creates relationships amongst some of our disengaged students with the Kurnai College teachers and advocates.
Kurnai College HOL Program Overview
Kurnai students talk about the HOL program
Kurnai parents discuss our HOL program