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As of 2014, students attending Kurnai College may make use of a variety of devices to access the College curriculum resources using WIFI. This includes iPads, tablets, Netbooks and laptops. This will provide a series of opportunities for students to learn more efficiently and effectively. The number of skills that are needed in an ever-changing world means that as a school we need to adapt and meet demands of society and implement a system that better reflects the way in which students learn. For these reasons, students need to have their own device that they can rely on to get their work done.

For the Best Classroom compatibility, we recommend Microsoft Windows 10

Purchasing a Laptop, try our BYOD Portals with JBHIFI & Havey Norman: 

Parent login 
Financial Support for BYOD.
The College provides support for the purchase of BYOD through Center pay.  Anyone getting payments through Centrelink can sign up to have fortnightly amounts paid to the school. The College will purchase the device and let families pay it off over time. Please contact your child’s campus office for more information.


Useful Links for Students


Office for everyone  Office365.com
  Office365 Mail

Click here for the Microsoft Office 365 Guide 

You can access your Clickvew Digital Multimedia Content using Clickview Online. 


More about BYOD


Why are we going BYOD?

With the cuts to the National Secondary School Computer Fund, the College can no longer provide netbooks to students. Students who received netbooks under the old program will continue to be supported until they complete school. All other students will need to supply their own device from 2014.


The following table summarises the Minimum Specifications to consider when shopping for a laptop/tablet device for BYOD:

Primary Device (Laptop: Main device for Work)


Operating system compatibility




OS X 10.9 or higher

Microsoft Windows (Laptop)

Windows 7 or higher


Pleae Note:
Limited Compatibility with Windows RT , IoT or CE Windows Devices. They should not be used as the Primary device.


Secondary Device (Tablet/Mobile: Diary, Organisation, Calculators, Research) 

Device (Laptop)

Operating system compatibility

 Apple iPad

iOS 8 or higher

 Android (HTC, LG, Samsung etc)

Version 4.4 or higher

Google Chromebook (Asus, Acer etc)





*Please note that 10-inch devices or bigger are recommended, as smaller devices have less benefit to students and can cause more problems than benefits.


Accessories recommended with tablets and laptops.

Device Name (Tablet/Phone)

Recommended Accessories

Android, iPad and other tablets

Keyboard, good strong case


Good strong case


Must Haves

Devices will need to have an up-to-date anti-virus protection program installed. If a device is considered to be a threat to the network then it will be denied access.

We do not provide support for the following software, however, here are some FREE anti-virus security solutions: Sophos Anti-Virus, Comodo Internet Security, Microsoft Security Essentials.

Where to buy?

Currently, Kurnai students will be able to receive a discount from Harvey Norman Traralgon store only. Proof of enrolment is required.

More devices can be readily found and purchased through most electronic stores or online.

Parent involvement

It is important that parents be involved in checking students’ devices consistently to make sure they are maintained and up-to-date. Students will load games, music, and video on the devices which may take a lot of power away from the machine and slow it down.

Student Responsibilities

Students need to ensure their device is fully charged before they come to school and maintain their devices in good working order. When at school the required safe and effective use of IT devices needs to be followed.

Microsoft Office 365 - Online Access

Students can log in to the following website to access their own emails, SkyDrive and online versions of word, powerpoint & excel. 

Microsoft Online http://portal.microsoftonline.com

Kurnai College Student Email http://mail.kurnaicollege.vic.edu.au

Login Instructions

Students can log in to Microsoft online using their username@kurnaicollege.vic.edu.au supplied to them on their timetable and/or compass together with their password they use to access the school computers, NOT their Wifi/device logins. This username is usually the first 3 letters of their surname followed by 3-4 numbers. 

Wireless Access

Students are given access to the schools Wireless network once their enrollment form has been processed. Their username and password can be collected by visiting either the year level team leader or local school teacher/technician. Password changes are required before they can use the wireless network. 

Password Complexity

Students are required to follow the complexity guidelines for their passwords. This follows the complex7 tradition, a combination of Uppercase, Lowercase, 7 Characters, a Special Character and a number. Here is an example of a good password: H@lloW0r1d!

For further information

If you have any further questions please email your query to one of the emails below;

College eLearners

Josh Garth


Steven Dockley



Technicial Information & Support